Product Designer & Software Developer

About Arham


Hi there! I’m a Product Designer and Software Developer based in Seattle, WA.

Currently working in Boeing’s Digital Transformation Environment, my work focuses on transforming how Boeing teams create internal software to be more agile and efficient.

I’m fueled by creating products, services, and experiences which impact the lives of others, particularly those who need it most.

Now that I’ve been able to blend my background in computer science with my passion for UX design, I hope to find a career where I can work with a diverse group of individuals also focused on using tech to change lives.

Want to learn more about me or share opportunities I might be interested in? I’d love to chat!


When I’m not designing, you can find me:

  • painting

  • cooking

  • playing with my cat

  • hand-lettering

  • yoga-ing

  • listening to podcasts

  • binge-watching Netflix

  • trying out new restaurants

  • spending time with family & friends